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Ceramic Anilox Roller

What is ceramic anilox roller

  The ceramic anilox roller adopts the plasma method to melt the thermal sprayed chromium oxide powder, melt spray coating on the surface of the metal smooth roller, and firmly combine with the metal roller to form a high-hardness and dense ceramic film, which is ground and polished, and then used The laser beam engraves ink holes on the ceramic surface, multi-beam high-precision laser engraving, regular mesh, smooth mesh, flat bottom, large amount of ink transfer, fast ink discharge, and easy cleaning. The commonly used mesh types are quadrilateral, hexagonal, 45° oblique type, 60° oblique type, S type, etc. Different mesh types and mesh depths correspond to the application of ceramic anilox rollers in different fields.

Advantages of ceramic anilox roller

  Compared with ordinary metal anilox rollers, ceramic anilox rollers have obvious advantages, which are embodied in the wear resistance of ceramic anilox rollers, scratch resistance, not easy to block cells, uniform cells, and accurate measurement of transfer media.

Application of Ceramic Anilox Roller

  Ceramic anilox rollers are mainly used in printing, sizing, coloring, coating, leather, plastic, metal foil, synthetic rubber sheet and other industries due to their excellent performance. The details are as follows: