Introduction and use specification of anilox sleeve

Features of anilox sleeve

In addition to the outstanding advantages of quick replacement and high efficiency, the anilox sleeve also has the advantages of simple operation, light weight, low transportation costs, and suitable for small batch orders.

  1. The emergence of anilox sleeve will further shorten the adjustment time when changing jobs, especially in the situation where the proportion of small batches of short-plate jobs is increasing, it is extremely important to compress non-productive preparation time.
  2. The anilox sleeve is made of special composite materials. The inner wall of the sleeve is highly smooth, and the processing accuracy of the cells and the ink transfer performance meet the printing requirements. It is light, durable and not easy to damage. Due to the increase of the width of flexo printing, commonly used ceramic anilox rollers often have difficulties and unsafe problems in handling, loading and unloading, and anilox sleeve can well avoid this problem.
  3. The inner layer of both ends of the anilox sleeve is equipped with an edge protection ring, which plays a role of protection and stability, is convenient for handling, and prevents its eccentric deformation. At the same time, a mark can be attached to identify the number of mesh lines to be correct. Choose.

Installation and disassembly of anilox sleeve

Improper installation and disassembly can easily cause deformation and damage to the anilox roller and reduce the service life:

  1. When installing and dismantling, ensure sufficient air flow, usually the air pressure needs to be above 6Kg/cm2.
  2. When installing and dismantling, two people are required to cooperate. The two people separate the two sides of the anilox sleeve, cooperate to support the anilox sleeve,and insert/draw out the anilox sleeve straightly. If the installation or disassembly is not smooth, it is strictly forbidden to go up and down shake or tap with a hammer to try to increase the air pressure and air flow. Shaking will cause the anilox sleeve to deform, which will affect the run-out accuracy in the slightest, and cause cracks and bulges on the sleeve surface in severe cases; knocking will cause the edge ceramics to fall off, affecting the use.
  3. When using, pay attention to avoid ink flowing into the gap between the air shaft and the anilox sleeve, so that the anilox sleeve and the air shaft are glued together, making it difficult to disassemble. In case of ink infiltration, disassemble and clean it in time after stopping the machine.