Anilox Sleeve

Anilox sleeve

The anilox sleeve is made of compressible material, the middle layer is glass fiber reinforced plastic or other composite materials, and the outer layer of the composite material is an aluminum base roller, and then the aluminum layer is sprayed with ceramic and engraved with anilox. The sleeve anilox roller is installed on the air expansion shaft for use, and the air flow blows the compressible material of the sleeve anilox roller through the air expansion shaft to make it expand and make it closely fit with the air expansion shaft to work.

Main parameters
  • Material: Aluminum alloy glass fiber composite
  • Surface Material: Al2O3,  Cr2O3
  • Surface Thickness: 0.25~0.3mm
  • Surface Treatment:Thermal Spraying
  • Surface hardness: HV 1250~1300
  • Screen line: 30~1500LPI
  • Max length: 4000mm
  • Max diameter: 600mm
Common cell shape
S type
Stretch hexagon
Through hexagon
  • Lightweight
  • Small moment of inertia
  • Convenient and quick replacement, ideal for environments where anilox rolls are changed frequently