Embossing Roller

Embossing Roller

The base material of the embossing roll is made of high-quality carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy steel. After heat treatment and tempering, stress relief, quenching, the surface hardness can reach HRC50~58, the roller can have heating or cooling function, different patterns use different processes, laser engraving, extrusion, etching, CNC engraving, etc.

Application of Embossing Roller

Our company has a professional design team. In the design of patterns, we adhere to the principle of “let art blend into wallpaper and let life be noble”. In the production of embossing rollers, we will press the products with different depths and performance methods according to different equipment, different thickness of wallpaper to overprint accurately, rich texture, and real performance. The combination of laser digital engraving, electronic engraving and hand engraving on the processing means, all kinds of wallpaper expression methods can be realized here.

Our paper embossing rollers are mainly used for embossing of paper, release paper and paper towels. We use high- quality seamless steel, heat treated and surface treated, with high hardness, high speed, and non-stick paper. The pattern of the produced product is clear, uniform and non-layered

Aluminum foil embossing is mainly used in beer labels, food packaging such as chocolate, and cigarette packaging. The products extruded by our embossing rollers have the characteristics of high tensile strength, easy labeling, delicate texture and clearness. We have two type of embossing systems. One is steel roller against the paper roller, another one is two embossing using together. Can meet nearly all your needs in this field.