Mirror Roller

Mirror Roller

Chrome mirror roller

Ceramic mirror roller

The mirror roller is generally made of 45# steel, alloy steel seamless pipe, precision forging and other materials, and the mirror surface is processed on the surface, and at the same time, the straightness, balance, out-of-roundness and coaxiality of the roller surface are guaranteed to reach Requirements; the surface finish of the roller can reach Ra0.03 at the highest. The surface coating generally has two kinds of chrome plating or ceramics. The surface hardness is HRC55~62, and the thermal deformation is not more than 0.01mm.

Application of mirror roller
  • Printing and dyeing industry: calendering processing of pure cotton, polyester cotton, silk fabrics, chemical fibers, linen, wool spinning and their blends.
  • Leather industry: calendering processing of artificial leather, etc.
  • Plastic industry: PVC, ABA, PP, PT, PC and other plastics.
  • Paper industry: surface calendering of various papers.
  • Metallurgical industry: Rolling and pressing of various non-ferrous metals.