Skills of using ceramic anilox roller

Ceramic anilox roller is made of high temperature resistant and wear-resistant layered material, which is carved according to certain density, depth and angle, so its production cost is also high. If used correctly, the service life can be prolonged to several years, otherwise it will be shortened. Therefore, what are the tips when using ceramic anilox rollers?

In the process of use, the position of a certain anilox roller on the printing press depends on the specific printing piece. The position of the anilox roller varies with different printing pieces. Therefore, it is often necessary to replace the anilox roller during printing.

The second trick is that the current narrow frame machine mostly uses solid steel anilox roller, which is very heavy. When installing the anilox roller, pay attention to avoid touching the surface cover of the anilox roller with other metal objects. Because the ceramic coating is very thin, it is easy to cause permanent damage after collision.

Third, in the process of printing and cleaning the machine, it is necessary to avoid the ink drying on the anilox roller. The special detergent recommended by the water-based ink manufacturer should be used, and the stainless steel brush should be used to clean and thoroughly clean. And develop the habit of often using a high-power magnifying glass to observe the net hole of the anilox roller. Once the ink is found to deposit on the bottom of the net hole and there is a trend of gradual increase, it should be cleaned in time. If the above methods are not effective, ultrasonic or sand blasting can be used, but it must be carried out under the guidance of the roller manufacturer.

In short, whether it is ceramic anilox roller, mirror roller or other, their correct operation and use are particularly important, only in this way, can its service life be extended, and the cost can be saved for enterprises. If you understand the above ceramic anilox roller using skills, I believe your work efficiency will be higher, the effect will be better.